Langston University Adminsitration

Campus Police

Chief Storr

The Langston University Police Department is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by at least one officer on duty. The police staff currently include ten (10) certified peace officers who are sworn to enforce federal, state, and local laws upon campus. The Langston University Police Department is also charged to enforce the traffic and parking regulations within campus jurisdiction.

It is the mission of the Langston University Police Department to encourage the maintenance of a safe and secure environment for the campus community in which it serve, thereby advocating that safety is the responsibility of every member of the Langston University community.

Emergency dial 3366

Phone: 405-466-3366 / 3368
Emergency: 405-466-3366
Fax: 405-466-3905

P.O. Box 718
Langston, Oklahoma 73050

LU Crime Statistics – Click link to view PDF

Safety and Security Responsibilities of the Langston University Community

Members of the Langston University community must assume responsibility for their own personal safety and the security of the their personal property. The following precautions should be taken:

Report all suspicious activity to the campus police immediately.
Never take personal safety for granted
Limit your alcohol consumption, and leave social functions that get to loud, to crowded, or where too many people are drinking excessively.
Remember to call campus police at the first sign of trouble
Carry only small amounts of cash
Never leave valuables (wallets, purses, books, calculators, etc.) unattended
Carry your keys at all times, and do not lend them to anyone
Lock-up your bicycles, lock doors, and close windows when leaving your car
Always lock the door to your residence hall room, whether or not you are there. Be certain that your door is locked when you go to sleep, and keep windows closed and locked when you are not at home.
Do not leave valuables in your car, especially if they can be easily noticed
Engrave serial numbers or owner-recognized numbers, such as driver’s license number, on items of value
The enforcement of laws upon the campus of Langston University is tempered with an educational philosophy, which support the mission, goals, and objectives of the Langston University community.

The Campus Police facility is located at the west entrance to the campus immediately adjacent to State Highway 33 East.

Reporting Crimes

Crime victims, regardless of how seemingly insignificant the crime, are encouraged to report the incident to the Langston University Police Department immediately.

To report a crime, a victim or a witness need only to call the campus police emergency dispatch number (5555) or 466-3366 if you reside in one of the campus apartment facilities or off campus. Once the request for police assistance is received, a campus police officer will respond to your location to gather information and/or investigate the complaint.

An official report will be generated based upon the details obtained during the complaint interview. The report will remain on file within the Langston University Police Department and copies are made available for public access during normal business hours.

Please consult the Langston University "Emergency Procedures Guide" in case of a fire, accident with serious injury or illness, unwanted intruder, bomb threat or explosives, and severe weather to determine what to do in case of an emergency.

Student faculty/staff are strongly encouraged to report any violations, suspicious loitering and/or unruly behavior to the campus police or contact other university officials such as residence hall management, the Office of Student Affairs, Athletic Department, Office of Academic Affairs, or the Office of the President etc.

All students faculty/staff must carry a university identification card at all times when on campus. Please be mindful that you may be requested to present your identification card by campus police personnel at anytime to protect your rights and property.

Arrests/Serious Offenses

Sexual Assault Policy: Langston University is committed to providing an institutional environment in which all persons may purse their studies, careers, duties, and activities in an atmosphere free from all threat, unwelcome or unwanted sexual advances. Langston University does not condemn sexual offenses and will not tolerate sexual offenders.

Sexual assaults are serious violations of the university’s student judicial code, faculty standards, and university employee policies. Sexual assaults are crimes under State laws, and are punishable by fines and/or imprisonment. In addition the act of sexual assault is subject to civil suit actions for damages.

Langston University will respond promptly, fairly, and decisively to all reports of sexual assault. Members of the Langston University community accused of sexual assault will be subject to university disciplinary procedures when the alleged incident has occurred on campus or when the action has occurred off campus and materially affects the learning environment or operations of the university.

Sexual assaults include the attempt or act of rape (sexual intercourse without consent, by stranger or acquaintance) forced sodomy (oral or anal sex), or forced penetration by a foreign object, including fingers. Non-penetration sexual assaults also include the act of touching an unwilling person’s intimate parts such as genitalia, groin, breast, buttocks or the clothing covering these parts, or forcing an unwilling person to touch another’s intimate parts.

The above acts constitute sexual assault when they are committed against a person’s will as evidenced by refusal of consent or through the use of force, threat, or intimidation; or against a person who, by virtue of mental incapacity or physical helplessness, is unable to give or withhold consent. This includes, but is not limited to, incapacity or helplessness caused by alcohol or other drugs, intoxication or the assailant shall not diminish the assailant’s responsibility for the sexual assault.

Alcohol Policy: The consumption or possession of beer or other alcoholic beverages on the campus, or in any university housing, or at any function sponsored by or for a student organization whether on/or off campus will result in immediate disciplinary action for the students involved. No student shall possess or consume any alcoholic beverages while on campus, nor entertain any guest who has any alcoholic beverages in his possession on campus, nor shall a student who find himself "under the influence" of alcoholic beverages return to the campus in such condition.

Drug Policy: Students attending Langston University, regardless of their age are considered to be responsible adults, capable of ever increasing maturity in effectively managing their affairs. Although Langston University, as an institution does not condone violations of the law for persons of any age, Langston University does not operate in loco parentis with regard to our students. Langston University does not view our responsibility towards students as one of solely or primarily controlling in their behavior, but rather as one of educating students to make and implement appropriate and effective decisions in their lives.

Langston University believe that no person has the right, under the influence of drugs or otherwise, to abuse the rights or endanger the health or welfare of themselves or others, or to unlawfully manufacture, distribute, dispense, posses, or use illicit drugs, within any facility or vehicle located on university property, or at any university-sponsored or supervised activity, on or off campus.

In addition anyone who sells, possesses, uses, manufactures, or distributes illicit or controlled dangerous substances is considered to be in violation of university policy, as well as the Student Conduct Code, and the laws for the State of Oklahoma will be sanctioned appropriately.Any student who violate this standard of conduct will be subject to disciplinary proceedings by civil authorities. Depending upon the severity of the offense (and consistent with local, state, and federal laws), Langston University will impose one or more of the following disciplinary sanctions which my be deemed appropriate, ranging from but not limited to a formal reprimand, warning, fines, suspension, or dismissal from the institution. The university may also require the completion of an appropriate rehabilitation program as a portion of the disciplinary sanctions.

Services Provided

The Langston University Police Department is committed to the service of providing a safe, and secure environment to preserve and promote educational growth and development within the Langston University community. During the course of duties on a daily basis the Langston University Police Department offer the following services:

Parking and Traffic Control (Updated Rules and Regulations - 2006-2007)
Various motorist assistance tasks such as jumpstarts and vehicle lockouts
Safety and Security Seminars
Operation I.D. (marking personal property)

Victims Assistance

The Langston University Police Department recognize that the traditional methods of managing students, from a campus law enforcement prospective, specifically from an authoritarian style of enforcement and interaction, may be less effective and in many cases exacerbate interpersonal conflicts. With this in mind the Langston University Police Department has developed a common based relationship with the Langston University Professional Counseling Center (PCC) to provide counseling, and mental health services to the university population when such needs are identified and determined to be necessary to address a situation.

In addition to counseling and mental health services the PCC also conduct "victim prevention" seminars such as Sexual Assault/Date Rape, self-defense, and Domestic Violence.

Counselors on staff in the PCC work routinely with crime victims providing counseling services and, informing clients of their responsibilities and rights to report crimes that have occurred against themselves to the campus police (in cases where the crime occurred on campus) and/or to other authorities (crimes occurred off campus).

Information relative to criminal incidents gained during counseling sessions are not maintained for the purpose of statistical data (Such reporting is generally maintained by the Office of Student Affairs).

For further information concerning services provided by the Langston University Police Department, call (405) 466-3366.

The Langston University Police Department also maintain a close working relationship with City of Langston Police and Fire Departments, City of Coyle Police and Fire Departments, City of Guthrie Police and Fire Departments, Logan County Sheriff’s Office, the Logan County District Attorney’s Office and the Oklahoma State Department of Public Safety.

Crime Statistics Mandated by the Clery Act

The Crime Reports chart (click here) reflects crime statistics mandated by the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act.

These statistics reflect incidents that have been reported the Langston University Police Department as well as to other University Officials who have significant responsibilities for student and campus activities as defined by the Clery Act.

Incidents reported to other University Officials which are included in the below table do not always result in a criminal investigation when the victim chooses not to pursue the matter with law enforcement or seek an alternative resolution such as the student judicial/disciplinary process.